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Artpipes Inc. / Australia

Core Culture

Culture is who we are as a people, why we do what we do on a daily basis, as well as an integral agent in the formation of personal, group and national identities. The Arts are a powerful medium for self-exploration, personal development and provide a much needed environment to question and develop personal, as well as social realities.


A cultural education allows our society to develop critical thinking skills, creative problem solving abilities, intercultural understanding or interpersonal empathy. These skills are just as important for our international economy as they are for the evolution of a peaceful and co-operative global community for our future generations.


Artpipes Australia Inc. is a not for profit organisation promoting international cultural exchange and relations. It develops projects within the arts that foster an awareness of intercultural issues and strives to demonstrate the global ability to communicate and facilitate through the arts.


The association's emphasis lies on integration through active participation in cultural projects that provide a reciprocal educational experience. In addition, it assists artists of high calibre to gain performance opportunities in new markets. Artpipes believes the benefits of creating cultural exchange projects resonate far wider and deeper than the performances themselves. 


Our organization uses culture as a vehicle to connect people in our world, to share experience and develop understanding on a personal and professional level.

Artpipes realises projects that embody its philosophy in today’s cultural landscape. We are responsible for concept development, managerial  support, fundraising, tour management, production, marketing and publicity in cooperation with contributing artists during the tenure of projects. We provide an extremely generous  service, however please refer to our terms and conditions for participants. Artpipes exercises a stringent process to ensure projects undertaken are  reciprocal and beneficial for all parties involved.

Building Community,   Integration, Accessibility

Artpipes Australia Inc.

Photo: Anette Hammer / Freistil-Fotografie, Germany

Artpipes Australia Inc. Welcome from Founder/Director Maryanne Piper.


We are happy to finally have our sister organisation Artpipes Australia Inc. up and running. This provides us with the chance to be more active on the ground, giving local musicians and creators a chance to organise events and projects throughout the year for the benefit of their own communities. A main focus of the Australian organisation will be the production of Global Exposure Festival, for the benefit of regional communities. We are committed to ensuring world class culture is available to, and part of, as many people's lives as possible. Regardless of age, gender, race, geographical location and socio-economic status, culture needs to be an accessible must, not an add on. All communities are entitled to the integral benefits of being involved in an expressive and enriching experience such as the Arts, not just the selected few from metropolitan areas. 

Maryanne Piper

Connection, Creativity 


Global Exposure


Artpipes Australia Inc. Founder/Director Maryanne Piper / Photo: Anette Hammer - Freistil Fotogafie Germany.

Maryanne Piper

Founder / Director

Originally from sunny Australia, musician Maryanne Piper studied at Queensland and Sydney Conservatories of Music, and later in Europe and America with the assistance of several scholarships. Award-winning, Piper has performed, taught, recorded and   participated in artist residencies across five continents since 2002.


A versatile performer, she has shared the stage with Don Byron (Blue Note Records), Bang on a Can (NYC), symphony orchestras, improvising orchestras, as well as an array of theatre projects, bands and ensembles ranging from classical to avant-garde contemporary to jazz and world music. More info @

Photo: Anette Hammer, Germany

Artpipes Australia Inc.


We look forward to introducing our enthusiastic, talented and committed  team here very soon. Please check back shortly for our team's biographical info. We look forward to welcoming you at en event soon!

Artpipes Australia Inc.


We look forward to introducing our enthusiastic, talented and committed  team here very soon. Please check back shortly for our team's biographical info. We look forward to welcoming you at an event soon!

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