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Festival / Global Exposure

The next step in our mission of cultural exchange is GLOBAL EXPOSURE FESTIVAL AUSTRALIA. We are very excited to be bringing local, regional, and international communities together for a truly collaborative experience. 
We'll keep you updated with news, opportunities, and info here until our new festival webpage is officially online. At Artpipes we believe that culture is not an add-on, but rather a basic human right. Regional communities, not only major metropolitan areas, should have equal access to world-class opportunities. Culture is who we are as a people, an essential expression of our society and the times we live in, it is the heartbeat of every free society. Culture and the Arts form our personal, group, and national identities. 
It stands at the very core of our right to have a voice.
GLOBAL EXPOSURE is creating infrastructure for world-class culture to collaborate with Australians on their home soil, made available to regional audiences through touring programs. A range of enriching outreach projects, networking, and performance opportunities for schools and community organisations, are being made accessible to a wide socio-economic demographic.
The Arts are for Everyone. Creativity is human: non-selective and indiscriminate, and it is an integral part of every person walking our planet.





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