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International Jazz

International Jazz co-operations form one of Artpipes' main cores in terms of production output.
Our organisation sees cultural exchange as a valuable contribution to the professional and personal development of artists in general, and hope this tool will resonate further in the future to cultivate wider global understanding among audiences, students and the artists themselves. Collaboration is not simply two ensembles, groups or artists meeting to produce, present and tour, it is the end result of a coming together of minds and energy. It is what is produced when otherwise individual energies combine to merge in a completely new level of creative synergy, thinking, approach and production. Please refer to the portfolio of projects below for the specifics of our past and present efforts.
  • For more information about our upcoming 2018/19 project, please click here. Cologne's prize-winning TRIA LINGVO meets renowned Manchester Jazz Guitarist/Composer Mike Walker for a collaborative tour in Europe and the UK. Photo: Thomas  Schäkel, Germany

  • For more information about our upcoming 2019/20 projects, please click here. Crossing Continents - Artpipes' new resident ensemble bringing you a truly global music experience. Updates to come soon.

Photo: Artpipes e.V. / Maranne Piper
Photo: Anette Hammer / Freistil Fotografie
Photo: Thomas  Schäkel
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  • For more information about our 2012 project, please click here. Christina Fuchs 'No Tango' Quartet Australia Tour, plus our collaboration with Melbourne's Andrea Keller Quartet at Wangaratta Jazz Festival, later broadcast by ABC Jazz Aust. Photo: Artpipes e.V. / Maryanne Piper.

Aurora Winds.jpg
  • More information about our upcoming 2020 project will be released soon. Stay tuned for more details. 

Photo: Thomas  Schäkel
  • More information about our upcoming 2021 project will be released soon. Featuring some of Canada's best female Jazz instrumentalists and composers, active on today's international stage, as well as some hidden multi-cultural secrets. Canada Calling offers a truly international flavour to our exchange programme.

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