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Terms & Conditions / Participating Artists

By publishing a concise list of Terms & Conditions, we hope to provide clarity for those participants wishing to work with us regarding our organisation's expectations in the areas of ethics, conscience, professional behaviour, communication, documentation and the general management of projects. We embark on projects with the ideal of bringing about an enjoyable and rewarding experience for all involved. Our priority is creativity, cooperation, collaboration and educational outreach in our world.


Please refer to this page if you would like to collaborate with our organisation.


We are a non profit organisation, which provides an exceptionally generous service. However, we apply stringent processes to ensure our undertaken projects are truly beneficial and reciprocal for all involved, including our own organisation. Projects involve an immense consumption of our time, energy, independent money and fundraising efforts. Therefore, we can only enter into collaborations where a valued sense of respect for all members (including our organisation and personnel talents) exists. 


Artpipes will also evaluate the intention of the ensemble or artist requesting our services to analyse whether a genuine desire to develop a project within our mission statement and work philosophy exists. The organisation's aim is not that of a free international booking agency. Projects shall contain reciprocal benefits for all involved, meaning a work ethic of give and take is required. Preliminary contracts are issued at the beginning of the cooperation detailing the level of professionalism with which we work. An additional and more specific contract is issued before the start date of the actual project to ensure all participating parties fully understand their individual responsibilities.

For any further questions, please contact us directly. We are always happy to hear from you.


Artpipes expects a professional standard of communication during the tenure of the undertaken project. This means prompt and complete responses from participants are the basis of a successful co-operation. Projects involve a large amount of detailed information. Lack of and incomplete response to needed communication is quickly interpreted as a lack of respect for our personnel and resources. We require a maximum response turn-around of 3 days during the organisation of projects, otherwise a clear indication should be given of when information will be received. Due to to the limited availability of resources and time, Artpipes only takes on projects with a high success potential. Lack of communication and punctuality hinders this success rate and is therefore undesirable. Final decisions affecting projects should not be made by artists independently without first discussing these with our organisation. Artpipes is solely responsible financially and legally, for all operations during project management. Failure to comply will result in immediate termination of contract without remuneration.


Documentation should first be approved by Artpipes e.V. and/or Artpipes Australia Inc. before being released to the public. Artpipes requires that participants reference all promotional material related to the project (film, audio, social media, online and printed content), as well as listings and descriptions on their own personal, ensemble and group websites, correctly and completely. Clear reference to Artpipes in all documentation during and after the project is a requirement for our organisation to receive any tangible benefit from the project. If incorrect documentation surfaces, participants will be reminded of their responsibility a maximum of three times. Thereafter, the project will be terminated immediately without remuneration. All online and print content relating to undertaken projects is checked regularly. Participants should not to advertise or announce projects as their own, without reference to our intellectual property, project initiation and involvement. Misuse of intellectual property will result in immediate termination of contract, and a requirement to pay back any public funding which has been secured by Artpipes e.V. to realise projects on the artist's behalf.


Artpipes e.V. projects are defined by co-operation and reciprocal benefit. Our participants contribute to the development of projects in several ways: by bringing useful contacts and/or infrastructure to the project, by sharing Artpipe's social media posts and emails to ensure maximum exposure for our organisation and the project, and by bringing their time and willingness to assist throughout the project development stage. Artpipes utilises the inbuilt networks or all involved (participating artists and our own) in order to prepare projects successfully for fundraising. Reciprocal benefit indicates that all parties involved, including our own organisation, need to have benefit from the project. Professional recognition, public advertisement, as well as online/print references are the only tangible benefits our organisation takes away from a project. If our organisation feels its efforts are not being recognised or matched, projects will be terminated immediately without remuneration. Everyone has limited time here on earth, with many positive aspirations to realise. Therefore, we give freely of our energy and talents in directions where they are fairly respected and reciprocated.

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