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Educational Outreach

Educational Outreach forms a core of our work at Artpipes e.V. Accessible culture is part of our mission, and grass roots projects involving a wide range of age groups and social sectors, from young children to teenagers, adults and the elderly reinforce that culture is a must as part of our human experience in this lifetime. Education projects presenting global perspectives and encouraging an understanding of the world and its people around us, in a creative environment from an early age, offer participants a life-changing shift in attitudes, communication skills, empathy, creative problem-solving skills, language acquisition and the ability to express their personal self in a larger world.
Artpipes e.V. / Mini-Globetrotters
  • Continuing our outreach efforts associated with GLOBAL EXPOSURE festival, Artpipes e.V. is now offering a flexible workshop structure under the same name, available for primary/elementary school children in Australia, Asia and Europe. We have previously worked with schools, theatres, concert halls, other festivals, and community organisations.

  • The workshop programme can be tailored to a length suitable to your school or organisation's time needs: either a mini-introduction, morning, afternoon, day or weekend workshop. We also offer intensive project weeks for more in depth exploration with classes and their teachers.

  • The main focus is on introducing the musical elements associated with a global perspective of music. We introduce beginning elements associated with a selection from the following: Jazz, Blues, Tango, Bossa Nova, Choro, Indian, Klezmer, Middle Eastern, Oriental, Celtic and Eastern European styles of music, among others, in an interactive and fun setting. Our aim here is to open ears at a young age to the possibilities music, and learning an instrument, offers young children and teenagers. 

  • Styles are introduced along with specific instruments or dances relevant to their performance, cultural context, geographical location, regional language spoken and its influence on musical style, as well as regional food. This is a great project for cultural integration in a classroom, as we can focus on the countries of origin of the involved students. This allows students the opportunity to pass on their own cultural experiences to fellow classmates, enjoy the possibility of their native language being appreciated and their culture celebrated. The workshop or project week culminates in performances with students singing selected songs learnt (in the original language) and participating in performances with self-made instruments with our accompanying tutor's ensemble. In a longer project week, we also offer students the possibility to bring a plate of traditional food from their country of origin for parents, teachers and students to taste and share together after the culminating performance.

  • Mini-Globetrotters follows on from our Global Exposure concept, however in a much shorter concert form. Our mini-globetrotter ensembles visit your school or organisation for an interactive and fun concert experience taking students around our globe to experience a range of music styles. Kids are encouraged to participate with movement, rhythm, simple singing, drawing and other fun activities designed to enhance their sensory experience of our global musical adventure. The time length of our concerts are variable and flexible to suite your school's specific timetable needs. Please contact us to discuss more options and a tailored concert for your school, organisation or programme. 

  • Theatre KEKSE is our language and music experience for the very young, as well as primary school aged children. KEKSE is the German word for biscuit and is our acronym for the German equivalent of Creative English for Kids - Storytelling in English. Our theatre experience offers performances in English combined with music, masks, movement and fantasy, aimed at young students learning English as a Second Language.  We've toured Germany, are beginning more co-operations with additional EU countries, as well as expanding with performances in Australia and Asia. For Theatre KEKSE, music and language are not that different: both concentrate on learning how to interpret sound and its representation. Both have been scientifically proven to be linked as cognitive functions. Please visit the Theatre KEKSE website for more information about specific workshops and performances offered by the KEKSE ensemble:

Artpipes e.V. / Found Sounds
  • Found Sounds concentrates on the concept of sound, exploring all its possibilities in a fun group atmosphere. No pre-requisite instrumental or musical knowledge is needed. We discover how sound works, how it can change and develop, how it can be structured to make an aural picture in our ears. We participate in natural free improvisation using found objects, as well as using our own voice and self-made fantasy instruments. Basic musical concepts are introduced through a range of improvisation activities. We build confidence together in the group in order to create a coherent musical structure from our exploration of found sound.

  • Depending on the time structure available within the school or organisation, a more in-depth exploration can take place using vegetables as instruments in our guided improvisations: THE VEGETABLE ORCHESTRA. This requires some preliminary preparation on behalf of the workshop organiser, however provides a fun addition. Additional activities can include students translating sound to illustration to create visual expressions of their sound worlds (how does one notate what they hear).

  • This workshop functions well for young children, as well as primary/elementary school students, teenagers and adults. Please contact us regarding your timetable or event and we will create a tailored experience for your group.

  • A second additional workshop concentrates on found sound in terms of electronic media. If time and electronic resources are available, our found sound concept can translate into creating soundscapes and improvisations using various technological media. This workshop would then be aimed at older children already confidently using a computer and other technological media.

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  • A description of this workshop will be uploaded asap. Please check back for more details soon.

Please contact Artpipes e.V. or Artpipes Australia Inc. directly to discuss your workshop or project week needs. We will tailor an enriching cultural experience to suit your timetable, resources and class needs. All text and ideas presented on this page are COPYRIGHT and intellectual property of Artpipes e.V.

Text may only be reproduced with written permission from Artpipes e.V.

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